UPDATE: We found the Australian couple!

We did it. You did it. The internet did it. We finally found the Australian couple. The memory card will soon be on its way to Down Under. Thank you all very much for sharing and searching.

Here is the story:

My girlfriend and I went on a short trip to Stockholm at the end of May. On our last day we found a Micro SD card. On this memory card there are over 4.000 pictures and a couple of videos. They belong to a couple on a cruise from Copenhagen to Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. Stockholm was their last port before returning to Copenhagen, so basically there is every single photo of their holidays on this SD card. We want them to get it back - please help us finding them.

What we know so far:

  • They are from Australia - or at least he is.

  • They did a cruise for 11 nights, starting from Copenhagen probably on May 24th. They stayed at least two more days in Copenhagen before the cruise. The tour ended in Copenhagen as well, on June 4th. They travelled with a ship called "Regal Princess" of Princess Cruises on a cruise like this (apparently, the dates are not the same):

  • We found their 32 GB Medion Micro SD card plus adapter on Tuesday, June 2nd around 1.30 PM right here in Stockholm:

  • One of them may be connected to Deakin University of Melbourne.

  • The first photo was shot with a Sony HX60V on November 11th 2014 (that is what EXIF told us).

  • The holiday photos were shot with a Sony ILCE-7, better known as alpha 7.

Unfortunately, we did not have any luck in contacting Princess Cruises or Deakin University. We hope for an email every day. (They got in touch, but with no success yet.) So you are our last hope. Please spread this blog post and help us to find the two Aussies so that we can send them their holiday memories. I think they would be really happy. Thank you very much!

Update June 9, 10.30 am: The Daily Mail has it covered and supports the search.

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